BDS 2006-12 DODGE RAM 1500 4WD OUTER TIE ROD END 082602 / 44066

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082602 OUTER Tie Rod End - 2006-12 Dodge 1500 (BDS lifts only)

Product Notes:
BDS lifts sold prior to January 2010 used the stock tie rod ends. Verify tie rod end length before ordering. Length is measured from the center of the tie rod end to the end of the female thread.

Product information updated on 2021-10-07, Manufactured by BDS Suspension - Part Number BDS: 082602, 2006-12 Dodge 1500 4WD Tie Rod End, #44066 Inside, BDS Suspension designs the packaging for their lift kits in the most efficient way possible. This means splitting lift kits into various kit boxes to enable them to be shipped easily and also so that you can mix and match kit boxes and assemble them into a variety of different lift styles. This part is on box of a complete lift kit and generally is not ordered by itself as several other boxes are required in order to make a complete BDS lift kit.


Tie Rod End (3.06" Long)

YEAR: 06-12


MODEL: 1500 truck 4x4 

LIFT: 4'' &  6''

2006-12 Dodge 1500 4WD Tie Rod End, #44066 Inside