3" All-Pro Off-Road Rear Leaf Springs Expedition - AP-306737 95-04 TACOMA 4x4 and Pre-Runner

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    All-Pro's new Expedition leafs are specifically designed to combine off-road performance with heavy duty weight carrying capacity. The popular expedition style trend in off-road vehicles is resulting in trucks that are carrying heavier loads than normally seen off-road. Specialized long-distance excursion gear such as roof-top tents, recovery and repair gear, camping equipment and extra water and fluids can add significantly to the cargo weight of expedition vehicles, exceeding the intended operating parameters of typical performance leaf springs.

    All-Pro's Expedition Leaf Springs (4500T-AP-EX) feature a 20 percent higher spring rate than our standard leaf springs. They are otherwise identical in dimension and quality, providing the same eye-to-eye measurements and wheel travel.
    On unloaded Tacoma's, they will result in a 1 inch taller stance than the stated lift height of 3 inch. The stated lift height is maintained with loads of 400-500 lbs of cargo.

    • A higher number of thinner leaves provides a smoother, progressive spring rate compared to fewer, thicker leaves
    • Double military wrap provides extra strength for the main leaf
    • Torque Leaf, an extra half-leaf at the top of the spring pack, increases anti-wrap properties without hindering travel or ride quality
    • Diamond-cut leaf ends to eliminate stress points which may weaken leafs and lead to premature failure
    • Teflon anti-friction pads between leafs provide smoother flex, lessen spring wear and reduce noise
    • Leafs are shot-peened after forming to relieve stress
    • Every completed spring pack is pre-cycled to their travel extremity for quality control and to reduce the likelihood of initial sag



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