OPT OFF ROAD ROCK JOCK Rear Adjustable Control Arms 3RD GEN T4R (96-02 4Runner) KIT

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OPT OFF ROAD ROCK JOCK Rear Adjustable Control Arms 3RD GEN T4R (96-02 4Runner) KIT


Thick-walled DOM steel:

  • No more breaking and bending rear arms! 1.625in tube lowers, 1in tube uppers for the best balance between strength and clearance throughout travel.
  • Wrench flats for easy adjustment and torquing of the lock nuts.
  • Powdercoated textured black with etched-in OPT logo.

Double-adjustable design:

  • Correct your pinion angle to prevent premature u-joint wear and vibrations (if you have a lift then this applies to you).
  • Move rear axle position for easier tire clearance (if you have 35in+ tires then this applies to you).
  • Superior to other "single-adjustable” arms: no need to uninstall anything to adjust the length. Simply loosen the jam nuts, dial in your lengths, and then tighten the jam nuts back down. Double-adjustable arms also have twice the adjustability length (3in) versus single-adjustable arms.

Johnny Joints® throughout: 

  • Custom machined for our trucks specifically, for perfect fitment with stock mounts and hardware. To our knowledge, these are the first and only set of rear uppers and lowers that utilize nothing but Johnny Joints! If you aren't familiar with their reputation, click here (short version: they're the best).
  • Sealed, greasable flex joints with ultra-low maintenance and none of the clanking, moaning, or squeaking of polyurethane, heims, and other flex joints. (our V1 prototypes have never been greased or serviced, for testing purposes. Spoiler alert, they're still flawless and silent). They're serviceable and easily rebuildable, so it's money saved in the long run.
  • More articulation than stock, polyurethane, heims, and other flex joints. Johnny Joints have an impressive 34-42 degrees of articulation depending on the joint (other brands claim up to 33).