Ultimate Pkg Billet Uniball UCA, FOX Factory Race Series w/ DSC Reservoir, w/ Rear Leaf Springs, 2005+ Tacoma 2/4WD

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Part Number: K605


If you push your Tacoma hard and demand the ultimate in suspension performance, then this is the suspension for you. Our Element Hard Parts Ultimate Package pairs the best components we offer with Fox shocks specifically valved for the Toyota Tacoma. What puts the ultimate in the Ultimate Package is the addition of our Excursion Series rear leaf springs. These high-quality, multiple thin leaves, military-wrap design leaf springs completely replace the Tacoma's feeble factory springs. Not only do you get the ability to carry more weight, but very progressive springs. You will no longer have to worry about the rear of your Tacoma constantly bottoming out in tough terrain or a rough ride. In the front, we utilize our Element Hard Parts Upper Control Arms. Our arms feature a significant upgrade in strength with beefy ¾-inch FK rods ends, big 1-inch FK stainless steel uniballs, and billet 6061-T6 aluminum construction. The arms unlock every inch of wheel travel from your Tacoma and look great doing it with their Type III hard anodized coating. Stout components are great but are useless without proper rebound and compression control. To achieve damping perfection, we use Fox Performance Factory Race Series shocks at every corner with 2.5-inch diameter bodies, remote reservoirs, and DSC adjusters. The Ultimate Package will add the capability to your Tacoma necessary to take on tough terrain.

Front adjustable from 0-3 inches of lift, Rear springs provide 2 inches of lift
Includes Element Hard Parts Upper Control Arms with FK 1-inch uniballs, 3/4-inch FK rod ends, custom 17-4 stainless steel pins, and Type III hard anodized coating
Comes with Fox Factory Race shocks specifically valved for the Toyota Tacoma with 2.5-inch diameter bodies, remote reservoirs, and DSC adjusters
Adds the Element Hard Parts Excursion Series Rear Springs for the ultimate in a progressive ride and load-carrying ability
Our Rear Springs feature a military wrap design with multiple thin leaves
Offers the most control and damping capability of any suspension package we offer
Ideal for those who demand the best suspension performance from their vehicle while carrying additional payload and cargo

A pair of Element Hard Parts Upper Control Arms, Front and Rear Fox Factory DSC Series Shocks, Element Rear Full Replacement Leaf Springs
1004 – Billet UCA
880-06-418 x 1 Pair (Front 0-3”)
883-26-007 x 1 Pair (Rear 0-1.5”)
K951 Element Rear Replacement Springs

Q: What height do the shocks come out of the box?

A: Typically, Fox Shocks will be pre adjusted to the highest setting per application. Example if the coilover is 0-3”, our experience shows that out of the box the vehicle will net close to 3” of lift. Fine tune adjustment can be made once installed.

Q: Will these shocks work on a 2wd application?

A: Yes, the shocks will work for both 2wd and 4wd applications provided the vehicle is a 6 lug application. They will not work with 5 lug 2wd models.

Q: On your arms on car adjustable?

A: Yes, although we preset the length of the arm to allow for proper alignment for most popular lift heights, the arms do allow for on the car adjustment to fine tune your alignment.

Q: What size lift will the control arm work for?

A: The control arms were designed to work with Tacoma’s lifted 1-3” over stock using a replacement coilover.

Q: Are your control arms serviceable?

A: Yes, we offer replacement / service parts for the control arms uniball and rod ends.

Q: How much lift can I expect with the full leaf packs?

A: 2.0” of lift is average.

Q: Are u-bolts and hardware included?

A: Yes, Element replacement leaf packs kits include everything you need to install and lift your vehicle.