18X9 5X139.7 +18MM HE901 SATIN BLACK SET OF 4

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Helo Series HE901 Satin Black Wheels

Helo HE901 satin black wheels are designed to support your extreme off-road lifestyle. They're built from corrosion-resistant cast aluminum alloy that is strong but lightweight and can take the heavy beatings of off-roading while delivering an aggressive look and durability for your vehicle. Each wheel has an 8-spoke design flaring from a deeply sunken center, on up to the outer flange of the rim, and is accented with simulated chrome bolts around the lip. There is no quicker way to define your ride than with a new set of wheels--Helo wheels say it loud and clear!

Size : 18x9

Bolt : 5x5.5

Offset : +18

Hub Size : 78.10

Load : 2500

Backspace : 5.71