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Raw aluminum 

For 2010- 2023 4runner / GX460 with Kdss

If you were to buy one product from me, the clamps would be the one to get This is by far the most important part(s) that I sell.

Buy two pairs for ultimate strongest/ best results.  Read below before purchasing.  

Kdss front sway bar billet clamps - Comes in 6061 aluminum, sold in pairs).   Most will need just clamps on the outsides ( 1 pair)at the bend.   Adding the clamps to the inside of the hard link and kdss shock ( 2nd pair) make it so much more stronger  especially over the pressed on metal strap from the factory.  This method also gives you the opportunity to cheat the system a little by centering the sway bar even more and not being limited by the pressed on metal straps from factory. 

Keeps your sway bar centered!!!

From the factory, to keep the sway bar from shifting to either side, Toyota uses a combination of rubber straps (glued and band-strapped) and pressed-on metal straps on each end. Any driving outside of normal daily driving will cause those straps to eventually fail. Depending on the situation (mainly off-roading), too much articulation can cause the sway bar to shift over way too much to one side which can result in the kdss shock body making contact with the frame. 

Since the kdss system was introduced 12-plus years ago, owners often report an abnormal clunk that has proved difficult to diagnose. The worst-case scenario is a loose piston nut within the KDSS shock itself, in which case the shock needs to be replaced.  Most likely, however, it is the actual body of the KDSS shock contacting the frame in situations where the suspension is heavily articulated, but once the factory straps are gone, the shock body will make contact on the frame with simple off angled driveways or similar  

These 6061 aluminum billet-locking clamps will prevent the sway bar from shifting to either side. They also provide the bushing a greater lifespan because the sway bar can no longer slide left and or right through normal operation of the suspension.

Tested and proven over thousands of miles in some of the harshest off-and-on-road terrains!!  #baja 

Early year models 2010-2014 use pre 2010 kdss sway bar and have a slightly different shape. The clamp is 100% functional but will / may have slightly bigger gap between both half’s of the clamp when installed! 

15% restocking fee (no exceptions )