Trail-Gear Leaf Spring Perches for 79-95 Toyota spring perches110028-1-KIT

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Trail-Gear Leaf Spring Perches

Lift kits and taller tires are a necessity when navigating serious off-road trails. Whether you need to make adjustments to pinion angles or tire fitment in the fender wells, Trail-Gear leaf spring perches have you covered. These 1/4 in. steel perches feature the standard center hole, with additional holes drilled 1 in. in front and behind the center to avoid crunching fender well sheet metal. When running longer rear springs for greater flex, you may need to move the axle forward—while larger tires with stock length springs sometimes hit the front, requiring the axle to be moved back. If you're adding a larger lift, it's advised to change the angle of the perches in order to set proper pinion angles. Properly mounted lift kits and taller tires can greatly improve your vehicle's off-road capabilities, but steep driveline angles and tires hitting the edges of fender wells will bring nothing but trouble. Give your vehicle many options with Trail-Gear leaf spring perches.

Manufacturer's Part Number:
Part Type:
Product Line:
Summit Racing Part Number:
Axle Tube Diameter (in.):
Leaf Spring Perch Width (in.):
2.500 in.
Leaf Spring Perch Material:
U-Bolts Included:
Sold as a pair.
Features 3 holes to move the rear axle forward or backward 1 in.