TIS TT1 by HERCULESS M/T 35X12.50R22 SET OF 4 - 98536

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 TIS TT1 by HERCULESS M/T 35X12.50R22

The TIS TT1 by HERCULESS M/T tire offers excellent grip for off-road drivers and enthusiasts. Its distinctive shoulder designs provide customizability and a stylish, aggressive look, while its aggressive tread pattern ensures maximum traction and handling even in the harshest conditions. Available in up to 26” rim diameter sizes, the TIS TT1 by HERCULESS M/T tire is perfect for recreational off-roading.

  • Robust Tread Compound - Enhances puncture resistance and increased tread life in the most adverse driving conditions
  • Optimized Footprint - provides ideal contact for balanced pressure distribution to support even wear and enhanced longevity.
  • Three (3) Ply Sidewall - promotes tire integrity, puncture resistance and an increased load carrying capacity.
  • Strategic Tread Pattern - Works to expel mud, dirt, rocks and water and provide excellent grip in hi/lo speed situations, while reducing irregular wear caused by rugged terrains.