WESTCOTT 2022-’23 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO Preload (Black Anodized) Collar Lift Kit- PT#35210 (E3)

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WESTCOTT 2022-’23 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO Preload (Black Anodized) Collar Lift Kit - PART # 35210B / 35210B1.5- E3

Westcott Designs preload collar lift kit for the all-new 2022-’23 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO! This kit features CNC machined lower preload collars, top shim plates, and rear billet lift pucks. Kits are available in both raw aluminum and hard black anodized finishes for that true “like factory” look. From the factory the new Tundra PRO comes with 1.1″ of front lift. Our Westcott kit gives you additional 2.5” of lift in the front and *1.00” in the rear using your factory shocks and springs and includes complete hardware for an easy install. This is NOT your traditional spacer lift kit, you retain your factory ride quality, factory suspension geometry and still able to align the vehicle to factory specs after install. It does NOT require new UCA’s, and you can run up to a 35” tire without a Body Mount Chop (37” tires are compatible if used with the correct wheel size & offset with minor trimming)

These kits along with all Westcott products have been designed and built in house in Phoenix, AZ in the great USA!

Please watch this short video for more information – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va11ZCZKAyk

*Patent Pending

*No shocks are included with purchase

This kit provides the following lifts:

  • 2022-’23 Tundra Fox PRO suspension equipped trucks: 2.5” (front lift) and 1.00” (rear lift)

Please note – we have seen some new PRO model Tundra’s come from the factory with a .500″ (1/2″) lean from side to side in the rear. Please measure both sides of the rear of your truck to see if your truck leans or not before ordering your kit. We are offering the rear setup with either (2) 1.00″ rear pucks or (1) 1.00″ rear puck and (1) 1.50″ rear puck.

PART # 35210B / 35210B1.5