Toyota Tundra 22-23 V6-3.5L (tt) AFE Magnum FLOW Pro 5R Air Filter set 30-10402RM

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Toyota Tundra 22-23 V6-3.5L (tt) AFE Magnum FLOW Pro 5R Air Filter set 30-10402RM

- With up to a 28% increase in flow over stock, this Pro 5R air filter features factory-oiled media for maximum performance. Its progressive bump seal design and polyurethane frame makes it extremely durable and simple to install.

- Washable and Reusable for Multiple Cleaning Cycles
    Pro 5R Filter Media Features Five Layers of Progressive Oiled Cotton Gauze for                Maximum Performance
- Deep, Open Pleats Allow for Increased Surface Area, Flow, and Dust Holding Capacity
- Includes Two Air Filters (Left & Right)

Pro 5R Filter Media:
This filter features five layers of pre-oiled cotton gauze media to provide maximum performance. Its progressive layering allows the filter to flow at high levels even when dirty. This media is perfect for street and/or track use. Pro 5R filters are easily recharged with aFe's POWER CLEANER and blue air filter oil.

Rounded Deep Open Pleats:
aFe POWER performance air filters use a rounded, evenly spaced pleat design which allows for more usable filter surface area, providing increased flow and greater dust holding capacity.

Progressive Bump Seal:
This pliable sealing surface conforms to even the most uneven filter housing, making for a perfect filter fit and sealing surface every time. This design eliminates the use of gaskets or sealants and always goes back to its original form.

Full Polyurethane Frame:
All aFe POWER flat panel performance air filters are constructed with a full 360-degree polyurethane frame. Unlike other materials that degrade after repeated heat cycles in an engine bay, polyurethane maintains its original molded shape.

2022-2023 Toyota Tundra V6 3.5L (tt) Hybrid
2022-2023 Toyota Tundra V6 3.5L (tt) Gas